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With great pride I accept these awards and my sincere thanks
is given to those that have been so kind and generous.

Thank you Sandi
October 13, 1997

Thank you Elke
October 14, 1997

Thank you Brenda
October 21, 1997

Thank you Trivina
October 25, 1997

                                                     Cool Site Award
Shooter's Cool Site Award
Thank you Eric and Shooter
October 27, 1997

Thank you Monique
December 2, 1997

Paws R Us Award
Thank you Paws R Us Gang
January 16, 1998

Thank you Laura
January 20, 1998

Thank you Lorie and Boys
May 7, 1999

I Am A Proud Member Of:
The Official Phenomenal Women Of The Web Seal
Phenomenal Women Of The Web